In today’s financial climate, saving for an overseas trip can be hard, so you want to know that your money will be spent well and not wasted.

Australia is a great place for an extended overseas jaunt (not to mention, beautiful!) and if you are heading to OZ, it is a good idea to hire a car so you can check out all of the awesome national parks and do some serious sightseeing.
So here are a few tips, which will help you to save money on car rentals in Australia and abroad.

Prepay for your car rental

Check this one out with the rental car companies, but many of them will give you substantial savings if you prepay for your rental car before you leave home. This is a fabulous idea, because you had to pay for the car rental anyway and if prepaying save you lots of money, it’s a win-win situation.

Pay with your credit card

Another great idea to save some money on car rentals is to pay with your credit card, because lots of credit card companies offer car insurance when you use their card. They can also give you big discounts on the car rental fees as well, so give them a call before you make your final decision.

Search for discount coupons online

So many people forget to look online for discount coupons, but you will be amazed at how many different coupons you can find, if you really take the time to look. You can easily save up to 50% or even more on the cost of a car rental, so it is definitely worthwhile going on a hunt for coupons.

Check for airline discounts

Many airlines are now partnering with car rental agencies to offer discounted rental fees to their customers. You can make substantial savings this way, so check out the airline’s website and start adding up all of the savings you will make on your car hire.

Avoid renting a car on the weekend

You might not realize this, but car rentals can be more expensive on the weekend than during the week. This is because people hire cars to go away for the weekend or go on drives and then return them Monday morning. So it pays to check out the difference in prices between the weekend and the week day and you might make even more great savings.

Leave it until the end of the day

Another top tip is to wait until late afternoon to rent a car, because if the rental lot is still full of cars at that time of day, they will be much more inclined to make a deal.

With these tips you should have no trouble in saving some serious money on car hire.

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