If you’re like me then you have very little time on your hands, let alone making time for extra projects that pop up along the way during the day.  For example I had to take care of the following tasks in a short amount of time and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money:

  • Graphic designer to create a blog header
  • Launched several searches a search for a developer to do some minor coding on this website
  • Carpet cleaning for my home that used a specific type of cleaner and not the run of the mill cleaning systems
  • Dresser for my master bedroom

I could have gone the expensive route and hired a really expensive coder, developer and paid retail prices for the carpet cleaning and dresser for my bedroom.

Instead I opted to use Craigslist, Fiverr, Odesk and Angie’s List.

Angie’s List and Craigslist List

Both sites give you access to tons of small businesses that provide virtually any service you may need some in your home or otherwise.  However, the difference between them is that Angie’s List is a paid service that provides reviews while Craigslist is more like a free for all – literally.  Anyone can post an ad stating that they provide a service, while Angie’s List does the same, however, with customer verified reviews.  Both a great as I’ve used them but I tend to stick with Craigslist as I’ve had great experience there.  I won’t find a cheap dresser on Angie’s list but I can find a guy to repair the dresser if needed.

Fiverr and Odesk

Fiverr is marketplace (much like eBay) with services better known as “gigs” that start at $5.  Yes, you can get some services performed for only $5 but the reality is that it tends to be the bare minimum.  You often have to purchase more gigs to get everything that you want.  For example, you can buy a logo for $5 but if you’d like it created with vector illustration with several revisions and not stock art then you may pay extra.

oDesk is great because not only do you connect with contractors in your own country but also from around the globe.  I’ve met some really awesome folks from oDesk who’ve done great work at my requests (job posting).  Depending on the country where your contractor resides the hourly rate or fixed price for their services may vary.  As with everything your mileage may vary so it’s important to read reviews, review portfolios and ask all of the important questions before hiring someone from oDesk.  For example, a VA from the Phillipines may cost you less than a VA from the US.  However, one may need to consider any potential language barriers that may arise or the higher rate from a VA here in the US.  There are pros and cons to both sides but if you’re like me, quality dictates who I choose to get the job done.

As you can see, feeling overwhelmed doesn’t have to be a consistent feeling when you have resources to help you get the job done.  Have you considered outsourcing your daily or important tasks to someone else?  What was your experience?  Have you ever used Craiglsist or Angie’s List?