20 Reasons Why I Hate Comcast

Never have I experienced such ineptitude and lack of customer service in all of my adult life.  This company has managed to grate my last working nerve and I have had it.  Our Internet doesn’t work, they don’t have phone service in our area and the cable sometimes kicks out depending on what’s going on over on their end.  When we do call to have them come over to fix the issue?  The dispatcher tells us on three separate occasions that the tech was here but that we were not home.  How about we were standing outside with the lights on waiting for him?

After a long battle with them, they did give us a credit which leaves us without a bill for 2 months.  But Comcast wants to charge $150+ for cable and Internet when FIOS will give us all three: phone, internet and cable for $104.99.

Guess where we’re going come November?

So today, rather than continue to be patient and take their crap Im going to list 20 reasons why I hate Comcast.

1.  Customer Service Representatives lack training in the very basics of human interaction

2.  They lose your payment and heaven forbid you didn’t keep the payment receipt you were given in person because they sure didn’t keep a record of in in their system or hard files

3.  Customer service representatives that hang up on you when they’ve determined that they dont understand your issue because their colleagues dont know how to note accounts in an effective manner

4.  Reps don’t notate accounts.

5.  Reps have to be played back supervisor callbacks from my personal voice mail because said supervisor did not note the account

6.  No consistent set of rules for engaging around customers and Comcast policies.  Julie is able to credit me but Joe Bloe supervisor cannot.

7.  They lie.

8.  They lie.

9.  Did I say they lie?

10.  They run local ads touting customer service but the same manager has no idea about what goes on during service hours between customers and representatives

11.  Comcast consistently forgets that FIOS is in town and since customers dont have contracts with Comcast, they can easily jump ship

12.  The only thing they are good for is the NBA Package and that was the only reason why my husband petitioned for us to keep them.  He is so fed up he is willing to miss his Knick games just to not have to deal with the madness and crappy service that is Comcast

13.  When waiting for a technician to arrive, one must wait for the customer service agent to EMAIL NOT CALL the dispatcher who then has to call back the supervisor who must then call you back to let you know where the tech is in route?  How about just calling the dispatcher directly?  Common sense isnt so common at Comcast these days.

14.  They know they suck and give out credits instead of working to FIX the problem

15.  The quality of their employees are at an all time low.  EVERY SINGLE person I have been in touch with their over the last 3 weeks has been unprofessional or unable to complete some of the very basic tasks required of them such as correctly noting an account or applying a credit

16.  The auto pay function decides to stop working mid string and then miraculously starts working when it decides to turn on and actually work.

17.  The same auto pay function after being removed from the account, debits your account after paying the balance over the phone with the customer service rep

18.  The technicians poorly represent the company as they are often contractors with no real dedication to representing the company in a professional manner.  Why are you in my house at 12am asking me to feed you because you’ve been here for 4+ hours because you cant do your job and fix the Internet?

19.  The technicians curse out the dispatchers in front of you and then quit on the spot and proceed to tell you “sorry, I been dealing with this isht all day and they gonna have to fix this for you, I’m out!”

20.  When calling into the customer service call center, you can hear the reps in the background talking about some recent drama in their lives.  Do I really need to hear that?  I don’t want to hear about how you put it down in your man last night and I certainly dont want to know what color thong you had on either!

Need I say more? if you’ve been screwed with no lube by Comcast here’s some information that’ll make your day:

Contact the Executive Offices at: 1-215-665-1700 or 1-215-665-2278. It always is beneficial to get as high up the food chain as possible with large corporations. Just remember to always stay calm, be polite and be concise….don’t ramble. Again, notes are helpful. Tell them you want to file a formal complaint and be specific about the issues involved. Again, log any names of people you speak with. This will probably yield no results again, but is an important step in the process.

3) Write a formal letter of complaint to the top management of Comcast. Be very nice but firm, keep things concise and to the point. Try to keep it to one page if possible, two at the most. Start with Brian Roberts, the CEO. Send cc’s to the rest of the management team and to each of the directors of the board.

The names of the management team and board of directors are available here:

Send the letters to the management team c/o
Comcast Corporation,
1500 Market Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19102

So, try the email complaint route at www.comcast.com. And, here’s the phone number that I used: 1-800-593-9692

Questions: Have you had any run-ins with Comcast?  How did you handle it?  Do you hate them as much as I do?

  • Alex Yamach

    Missed a payment and threatened with TERMINATION!

    Termination Warning I received. I forgot to make my November payment.
    So the Comcast Nazi’s are threatening me with TERMINATION if I don’t pay
    up by the end of the December billing cycle. And If I pay up after they
    terminate service they will charge a fee for shutting off service and
    then turning it back on again. So if you miss 2 payments in a row they
    terminate your service. Total JERKS!

    I’ve been a Comcast customer for over 30 years. Yet if a miss 2 payments in a
    row, they treat me like dirt, and will terminate my service…

  • imgettingverison

    I had Comcast for 3 days and received a 306 dollar bill.
    Need I say more

  • Bill

    I hate them more, they are worst company I ever dealt with, lies lies
    and more lies. Customer service computer auto line asks same questions
    over and over again, and than they say wait time is 3 min (actual wait
    time 45 min) every time. Than someone that can’t speak English answers
    and if I had a choice I would just hang up. Constantly raise prices to unbelievable levels for just TV and internet. An their as-hole CEO Brian
    Roberts makes 26.9 Million a year? Yes go ahead and raise the prices
    again mother*&^%^&**!!! If there is a company that deserves to
    be hated it is 100% COMCAST! I am buying HDTV antenna and will say buy
    to these FU*%$@# once for all. Can’t wait on that!! I hope as-hole CEO
    would read some of HATE their ” customers” – (read suckers) have for
    their company. COMCAST rot in hell!!!!!!! HOPE you go bankrupt one day
    when majority of your customers revolt and leave your nightmarish
    no-service garbage business. F&%^$#@ Y(*$%*&!!!

  • Deb Simpson

    Amen to everything you said!! And they give out personal financial info to people who dont even know you!!


    I HATE comcast too. They don’t speak English. I keep talking to a Chinese baby doll who does, poor thing, NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. How can they put not English speaking people on the telephone s to English speaking people??? We had a box that screwed up after 15 years. It got some channels and pixilated out on others. Comcast said box was old – exchange it. My husband had to sit for $200.00 work loss waiting for the exchange. He was so mad, he got home and gave me the box and after an hour setting it up, no display. I couldn’t even tell what channel I’m on, so I call back and whoops they gave hubby the E-WRONG box. No problem, they say. They’ll send a new one. It comes a week later only it’s OLD AND RUSTED AND SCRATCHED!!! $%&^&*(() NOT what I want in my living room. So, I send it back and they send me another OLD box. I send it back again and again an old box but this one I decide at least “looks presentable enough” and I have no faith in getting a new box. Then NO ONE CAN ACTIVATE IT!!! Again, no English speaking, no trained techs, no way to get a supervisor. It has been a MONTHA ND A HALF and it still is NOT working. I have been on hold or speaking to non-English speaking or non-tech techies for now days and days of my life. AND then they HAVE tosay they guarantee my satisfaction! ^%^*&*&()()()()(() They don’t. They won’t. Then the credit person says, well, you’ve had TWO boxes (the one that didn’t have a display and they one they couldn’t activate) so now they want to charge me for TWO boxes??? %R^**(W)(_)@$)@)*)(@()(#()@ HATE COMCAST!!!!!!

  • Ryan Paredez

    I have a feeling you don’t like comcast.. just a hunch. Its pretty lame when  business sucks like that. In some areas you have no choice but to get the only service provider which might be them. At least you spoke out about it.

  • Jefferyvickers6015

    You should check the list of politicians Comcast donates to. Oh yea ALL OF THEM so a list is not necessary. If you vote for someone in either State of Federal elections they are paid by Comcast. I live in Brighton Michigan and when I called another provider in Whitmore Lake Michigan they told me they had an agreement with Comcast not to come into our area. I thought that was illegal but apparently if you pay everyone you can have a Monopoly.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P3GS7F2DJEUACZKXIS7MADSKEA badself

    Comcast keeps bugging me to handle my phone and my “small business” but they can’t keep me on line.They can’t offer customer support. they can’t increase my internet speed. when competition arrives in town, capitalism will prevail. 

  • Rah

    As a employee with DISH I know how important it is to have good customer service. I been through the same things with Comcast and once I started with DISH I haven't had a problem since. DISH has great customer service and always has promotions to offer. I just got TV everywhere and it's the best, I can be at the doctor's or even work and have my phone playing Live TV.

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  • Angel

    i HATE comcast they shut my internet down when i am paying 4 it and when i call they hang up on me grrrrrrrrrrr .I HATE COMCAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.pregnantlyplump.com Meredith

    I’ll be interested to hear about your experience with Verizon. My Comcast experience hasn’t been as awful as yours, but they did come out here and replace our working router with a new one this summer. We knew it wasn’t the router, and it turned out not to be. But the guy took our router and now we’re paying $5 a month until the $40 router is paid for. He didn’t mention this would happen and we only figured it out because I read the bill line by line. It’s very frustrating the way they cheat you.

  • lisa

    You mean you get to bring your money to the office. They started something at the office here late last year. If you paid your bill inside they tacked on a $5 fee. A stamp is cheaper but so inconvient when you pay all the bills on the same day. And what about the old people around here they live(or so it seems) to go into these places to talk to the reps there.

    But on the other hand I have AT&T now. I live in Michigan and with the changing weather we are without tv alot do to satelite.

    Where i use to live you had one option. I think cities need to allow others to drive prices down. I think they would come out ahead beacuse more people could afford it and get cable. Too expensive to do much of anything else

  • Roxanne

    I’m also fed up with comcast, not only are we overcharged for the cable package and have to endure crappy CS, but there are also the add on’s they charge for the crappy signal (an extra $10 for the DVR, then an extra $10 for HD, etc, etc, etc). Has anyone else also noticed that most of the movies that they play on HBO/SHO/ETC. are, for the most part, old and/or stupid?

    I’ve decided they are all overpriced; I can’t really find any one provider without a list of haters, so I’m looking into a few things….

    1. Doing away with my land line, I have a cell phone, why do I need 2 phone numbers for my mother to berate me on? At least with my cell I can fake some bad reception and make the excuse to get off the phone.

    2. Getting a stand alone / hopefully cheaper internet provider. I’ll look for the fastest, but if it takes an extra few seconds to refresh a page, I’ll be ok.

    3. I’ve found that a lot of my shows are available for free thru various websites; abc.com, nbc.com, etc., they all have certain shows that they keep online for viewing. I have a friend who says he has a link that has just about every show that’s on, regardless of network, he is supposed to be forwarding me the link, I’ll post it here when I get it. I just saw a new one over the weekend, http://www.tidaltv.com, I haven’t had a chance to fully check it out yet, it appears to be looking for Beta Testers. There is also http://www.freemovies.com, they aren’t always the newest, but then neither is HBO’s line up…..

  • Diane

    I have FIOS and typically love it. Really haven’t had any problems with the service. I would think twice about having all of my services with one company. Recently FIOS was out in my area and all of it was out. No TV, no phone, and no internet for a couple of hours.

  • mon

    I despise Comcast with a passion. I never bother talking to the reps I directly ask for the supervisor. Why are supervisors never available? I’ve also written to the management and the board. Funny, you receive instant service when they receive your email. Reasons I hate comcast besides their service:
    1. They pre-bill. Why would I pay for service I have not used?
    2. They refuse to change my billing date to accommodate my needs.

    Unfortunately, they seem to be the only game in town. Good luck

  • http://gilahi-blog.blogspot.com Gilahi

    Oh, and by the way, 2 people nearly died recently in DC because the 911 system wasn’t working, and it wasn’t working in such a way that no one knew it wasn’t working until someone called specifically to report that it wasn’t working. Guess who the service provider for the 911 system is? It ain’t Comcast.

    Gilahi’s last blog post..Sometimes You Just Have To Reason With People (and other random stuff)

  • http://gilahi-blog.blogspot.com Gilahi

    You will be sorry. There’s a long line of people waiting to tell you all about Verizon. If there’s a third option, I strongly, strongly recommend that you go for it. I can promise you that you will not be any happier with Verizon than you are with Comcast.

    Gilahi’s last blog post..Sometimes You Just Have To Reason With People (and other random stuff)

  • Sarah

    That is crazy – I thought Cableone was bad because they said "Whatever" and hung up when you called with a question.

    Of course the city made a deal with them, so if they came they'd be the only cable provider in town.

    Needless to say – we don't have cable anymore.

    Sarah's last blog post..Killifish

  • http://nicethingsbaddebt.blogspot.com Twiggers

    Oh wow, don’t get me started on Comcast! Unfortunately, it’s all we have out here. With the number of TVs we have, DirectTV and AT&T are more expensive to set up and the savings aren’t substantial enough. What ticks me off is the prices. Why is cable $100???? WHY???????

    Twiggers’s last blog post..Update on Selling House