The Digital Purse” is a collection of eighteen of the most essential resources on the web designed for women in business. These are resources that were created by women in business for women in business. If you’re looking for key websites to help you along in your journey, check them out!


eWomen Network It Matters: eWomen Network is the Premier Womens Business Network and rated the #1 resource for connecting and promoting women and their businesses worldwide…but it’s more than that. It is also a place where women experiencing the same issues so they don’t feel alone.

Women In Financial Services It Matters: WIFS-is the only national organization exclusively devoted to the success of women in the insurance and financial services fields, a field that is male-dominated catering to a market that has a high percentage of women as clients

Women Who Wow It Matters: Women Who Wow – A very different website. Here’s what they do – they encourage, empower and celebrate women. There is nothing here that is business as usual.

Wide Awake Marketing It Matters: Wide Awake Marketing – One of the hardest things about being in business is reaching your clients….learning how to get and keep customers is what you will learn and implement

Selling In A Skirt http://SellingInASkirt.comWhy It Matters: Selling In A Skirt-Being a woman in a male-dominated industry has one set of challenges. Being a male manager trying to recruit, train and retain women is another set of challenges. Learning how to solve these challenges is what Selling In A Skirt will address.

Girls Just Wanna Have Funds It Matters: Girls Just Wanna Have Funds – One of the topics women are not comfortable with is money. This site is the top personal finance blog for women and it takes all the scariness of money out of the picture.

Smart Women Buy Homes It Matters: Smart Women Buy Homes-How many of us have wanted to buy a home but it was an overwhelming and stressful process.   Smart Women Buy Homes helps make one of the most important investments in yourself and your life exciting and empowering with their Six Steps to the Nest.

Plaid For Women It Matters: Plaid for Women-A community for women focused on one person – YOU! The information available is for women by women and it’s plaid because life just isn’t simply black and white!

Lisa Nichols It Matters: Motivating the Masses – What is your definition of success? What if you could have the strategic steps to reach that level of success? Motivating the masses takes you through the process while not only motivating you but holding you accountable every step of the way.

The Savvy Life It Matters: The Savvy Life-Everything you learned you learned in kindergarten, except perhaps financial education, how it affects your life, how to save money, how to have a savvy life! Determining what are the priorities in your life and how to create the financial foundation is the icing on the cake on this site.

The Queen of Weight Loss It Matters: The Queen of Weight Loss-What would you do if you knew there was a way to be healthier and happier and you had someone that would pave the way. That is what the Queen of Weight Loss can do for you. She is your coach and cheerleader but make no mistake, she will hold you accountable. After all, she is the Queen.

The Phone Teacher It Matters: Phone Teacher-What’s the number one reason sales people are not successful?   They hate the phone. It feels like an anchor around your neck. The Phone Teacher will bust that myth and give you a track that is easy to run on with results to prove it.

Wendy Ellin It Matters: Simple, Realistic, street-smart time management and organization….lets just say you can regain the control of your life and business that you thought was gone!

Womanars It Matters: Womanars – Connecting and promoting women throughout the world is the mission of Womanars. Using the latest and greatest in the virtual technology equipment, it’s easy to see how we are all experiencing the same issues and triumphs.

Elizabeth Lions It Matters: Elizabeth Lions – Women and men are different and so are their leadership skills, negotiating skills and interviewing styles. Being recession proof is just one of the lessons you learn from this site.

Soaring Further It Matters: Soaring Further – It’s all about choices! Sometimes the choices you make are not exactly what society had planned out for you. Follow Blackhawk helicopter pilot Elizabeth McCormick as she inspires and helps you make the choices that are right for you.

Doreen Rainey It Matters: Doreen Rainey – Do you have the guts to go after what you really want? Maybe you need someone to help pave the way? That’s where Doreen Rainey and Get Radical will do. You have to be ready to play and think big because that is the direction you will be taken.

Business In Red Shoes It Matters: Business In Red Shoes – Are you striving to find balance between business growth and personal satisfaction? With some planning and vision and a lot of determination, Rebecca Jones will help you achieve that elusive “You Can Have It All”.